Ceramics/Abbey Books and Gifts The monastery is merging our two websites, www.monksofvalyermo.com and www.saintandrewsabbrey.com into one, the www.saintandrewsabbey.com website. You will be able to shop for ceramics and books and gifts directly from www.saintandrewsabbey.com without being directed to www.monksofvalyermo.com! While we endeavored to make the transition smooth, there will likely be a bit of inconvenience as some customer and all order details from past orders were not allowed to transfer. The conversion will begin Tuesday April 2 2019.. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please let customer service know of any problems you may experience. Our new contact information will be customerservice@saintandrewsabbey.com. Our phone numbers (and fax) will remain the same: 888 454-5411 or 661 350-4805 or 661-944-1047. www.saintandrewsabbey.com May God Bless. Fr. Carlos, Ceramics Manager New Contact Information www.saintandrewsabbey.com 888 454-5411 or 661 350-4805 customerservice@saintandrewsabbey.com